Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Backpack Day 5 - Vienna =]

The next destination of the trip is a place full with musical legacy, also known as the City of Music - Vienna, the primary city of Austria.

To save cost, we rented a van to drive us from Cesky Krumlov to Linz train station which located at the north of Austria. The journey took about 2-3 hours. The cute CK guy drove too fast that nee nee just cant help to puke silently beside me. Really, in silent, she filled up like one whole plastic bag. Well, we should skip that part. LOL.

And from Linz, we took train to Vienna which will take us about one hour and a half. There, we are still very excited taking pichas in the train. :) In a glimpse, we reached our destination - Vienna.

I could still remember clearly how hard it is for us to buy the train ticket from the people who only speak German. Thanks to the BF and SS who did well homework on the language, we finally got our way to our hotel - Hotel Meininger located just opposite to the train station, Stephansplatz. A really nice and comfy hotel i must say.

There we go, to enjoy the greenery at the Belvedere Palace (Scholss Belvedere). Thanks for the kind lady who guided our way, even we spoke different languages. *Heart-warmed*

From the entrance, you can see that the grounds are set on a gentle gradient and include decorative tiered fountains and cascades, Baroque sculptures, and majestic wrought iron gates. The Baroque palace complex was built as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy. 

You might never believe how pretty is this place. But the pictures never lie.

Indeed is a good place for leisure, which you can chill in the garden, chitchat with your friends. But never never ever, step on the green green grass, unless you want to be kick out of the garden. I was also very very in love with the nice sculptures around the garden.

From the picture you can see, there is actually Upper Belvedere (top) and Lower Belvedere (bottom), which both give you a very different extinctive view of the palace.You may spend some time visiting the exhibitions in the Winter Palace.

Our next stop is an amusement park, a place called the Vienna Prater, located at the Leopoldstadt. You can get down at the Prater station, and it is within a walking distance.

The Prater is nothing like a Genting Highland or Universal Studio but a simple traditional park, full with games and rides that we had back in our childhood memory. ;) Visiting this place truly compensate my regret for not able to visit the largest fun fair in Rhines,Dusseldorf, Germany. 

Quite old school huh the rides and games. Seriously it brought back us to our good old time when we cherish simple things. Nostalgic! 

After mesmerising the past, we went on to the Donauinsel, a long an narrow island which separated the Danube River and New Danube. Donauinsel is a place of recreations with bars, restaurants and pubs. Also, it has some very unique buildings on the island which i think worth visiting.

Of course, we wouldn't want to miss out the mighty Danube River. Sitting by the river on an evening when sun goes down, is so so so romantic <3 span="">

Well after all the visiting, we finally need to grab something to fill our stomach after one whole day. Well, there is a restaurant which we couldn't miss - Uncle McDonald. McD is basically everywhere, every corner of the world. 0.o Tried my very first Udon Noodle in McD, well not very good. Haha xD 

Our last stop of the day is.... TADA! The State Opera House, also known as the Staatsoper. This Opera house has a history dating back to the mid-19th century. One of the main attractions in Austria.

That's about it for our Day 5. Oh, but we always keep the best for last. 

Let's welcome our Epic Queen of the day, Chuan Nee Nee. Aww miss her a lot already xD

Our Dai Ga Jie and the minions =D
I guess we will also not forget about the Serbian hot guy that we met while the BF was dreaming in the room. Life is good. Stay Tune =D

Monday, January 28, 2013

Backpack Day 4 - Cesky Krumlov =]

Awesome breakfast will kick start another wonderful and exciting day.

There we began our adventure to explore the small town. I would really think it would be a great loss if we didn't visit this town. I personally love the naivety of this small town.
Lovely CK

The town centre
Main entrance of CK
Various souvenir shops
Walking through the alley,  there's lots of souvenir shops, cafe and museums. And of course, across the bridge, there's the place where the famous Cesky Krumlov Castle lies. The Castle is one of the main tourist attractions in the town,ranks among the most important historic sights in the central European region

Many tourists would be traveling from Prague early in the morning just to pay this Castle a visit. By noon, the quiet and peaceful small town would be flooded by tourists busting with excitements.

CK Castle
The mighty complex of the castle is erected on the rock promontory which has been sculpted by the Vltava river from the southern side and by Polečnice stream from the northern side. The castle towers proudly above the refined Renaissance and Baroque burgher architecture of the town below. The town, together with the magnificent Church of St.Vitus and the complex of the castle, creates an unique feature of the whole region. Like a precious pearl, the town of Český Krumlov is situated in the valley surrounded with the massif of Blansko Forest to the north and the undulating foothills of Šumava to the south and west.

The castle area is one of the largest in central Europe. It is a complex of forty buildings and palaces, situated around five castle courts and a castle park spanning an area of seven hectares.

This is a truly picturesque and out of a fairy tale castle that you can only expect to see in the Princesses series of Disney production.

Bird-eye view of CK from the Castle
Castle garden is another lovely place where you can see lotsa beautiful flowers. I would say its a MUST-SEE place in the Castle area.

Castle Garden

 If you really keen to have a more wholly look at this beautiful town, I would really recommend you to climb up the Castle Tower. That is the right place to have a 360 degree glance of the Cesky town.

Climbing up the tower
It was quite easy to climb up the tower, not as tough as the York Minister tower which requires lots of stamina. Haha!!

The castle area
The awesome CK town

The river and the forest
The love and the sista =]
Group photo before leaving the Castle

After the Castle, we went to explore the town bits by bits while searching for some souvenirs, of course to have lunch as well. Again, I had my favourite trdelnik  as lunch. Yumyumyum... it's best served when fresh from oven.
Yum yum =]
Talking about food, I must not forget what marked a perfect fullstop to our CK trip - a dinner in the Krcma v Satlavske ulici Restaurant, the medieval tavern with typical czech gastronomic. The indoor cave style design with cosy environment and the awesome cuisines served make us feel just too heavy hearted to leave Cesky. =[

Candle light dinner xD
Big Feast la.. i personally like the pork knee A LOT!!
Reminds me of Lumiere, the candlestick from beauty and the beast =P
De AWESOME Restaurant
The dinner marked a perfect ending to our journey in Cesky Krumlov, and there we would continue our journey to Vienna. Stay tune =]