Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'd been abandoned my blog lately.
My life is so much interesting than i cant blog it all~! ^^

Life had been kinda hectic ever since the tutorials started.
But still im queezing out some time to enjoy myself.

what is life when you don't enjoy it? =)

This few weeks,
spent lots of time with my ACS gang.
Ywoei,mong and joanne especially.

Lots of planning needs to be done for our upcoming camp.
Im so excited and looking forward for it.
Im sure it will be fun tons of fun.

Its just FUN FUn FUN when we are together. =D

We'd bought the souvenirs for the camp.
travelling to and fro from college to central market,
just to get the souvenirs.

NO complains.
Just the junior kecoh about our punctuality.><

Love the buttons we made especially =)
That will be a very memorable and special souvenir for all of us.
9 of us.

I cant believe that this camp will be our last activity.
Im gonna miss those days a lot.
huhu. T.T
feel so ng-se-dak lar~~~~~~

Just attended to juniors post mortem.
Remind me so much about the very beginning "Us".
the one that is naive and lost.

So glad that we'd grown up.
through all the ups and downs.
whether it's success or failure,
its a valuable experience that worthless.

What is success when there's no failure?

OH my.
i just cant wait for the camp.

Im pissed when i cant find you.
but i know its nvr your fault.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

PWC trip~!

Went PWC visitation today.

We did meet some obstacles during the planning and all.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused people~!!

Today's trip was totally an interesting and educable wan.
Learnt a lot of stuff and also get a clearer image on where am i heading to after graduated.

A very useful tour i had.

Driven me all along =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

YOu're 19th =D

Appie Burfday beloved OliVia~!!

HOpe you enjoyed your day  yaya ^^

Lets have a celebration the next time we meet. =D


Monday, October 12, 2009

19th burfday =)

Today is mua's burfday.
Im turning 19 years old.
Or shall i said im already 21 hours after 19 years old.LoL.

Im being very particular on the age issue.
Haks. Because my dearly mommy alwiz tell other that her daughter is 20 yrs old.
Im 19 only okay =P

Today was a very very very meaningful day to me. =)

Thanks to everyone that wished me.
Thats too much of you if i ever hav to type your name out.
YOu know who you are. =)

And to my girlfriends,
they really gave me a big suprise.

When i was thinking :"well, my burfday is gonna end as usual."
they appeared out of no where with the tiramisu cake.Singing burfday song.

Oh my god~! you cant imagine how touched i am at the moment.

Thanks for the effort of giving me the suprise.
Though at last i myself ruined the suprise.Haha.
*Blame winnie for that. She laughed way too loud and attracted my attention xD*

Vivi, Winnie, lee teng, siow chin, jia yit,bell, rachel mom,
Thanks for the suprise and the prezzie too.

Im so touched T_T
and i lurve the prezzie.
Tiramisu is my favourite too.

You guys make mua burfday a blast.

Love you guys a lot.
A lot more than i can say.^^

Mwaks mwaks. =3

Not to forget my dear meryll,
thanks for taking the trouble just to have a burfday meal with me.
YOu know i love you =D

and also my dear zi muis,
feli especially.
She actually called jz to wish me appie burfday.
you know how much it meant to me. ^^

Oh my god.
I still need to thanks my grandma.
For the angpau.
For the Red Eggs.
And also the XXL size drumstick.

thanks aunt for the choc,
thanks sis for the wishes though she spelt piggy wrongly,
thanks bro for the teasing.

And lastly thanks to mom and dad for the satays,
and also bringing me to the world.

There's a lot more persons i need to thanks.
But to avoid this post to be over lengthen and boring.

I better stop now.=P

Thanks to everyone.
Lurve you guys.
Mwaks. =3

 and yesh~!
Im 19 now.
Living a better nice ahead =)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

when Hunger Attacked~!

OH my oh my...
my dear daddy cheated on me T_T

Where are you and where is my satays lar?

Im starving.
Im Getting crazzie.
And i found nothing for me to eat at home except the instant noodles.

But i don't wanna eat instant nOodles. =s

I wish my fridge is functioning.
Then at least i got something to eat.

Im supposed to get my satays at one as promised.
But now is already two thirty.

Pity tummy is crying now. Huhu T.T

Saturday, October 10, 2009


There gone my first week of second semester.
Honestly i lurve all the lecturer.

As for tutor,dare not to comment yet.
But Ms Ng is definitely the best =)

Had been really enjoyed during the whole week.
Singing is the best part of it.

You wouldn't know how much i lurve to sing.
Though i dare not say i have a good voice.
But thats my interest ever since,
long time ago.LOL.

One big problem im having now.
I dont have my tutorial question.
How am i supposed to do my tutorial????

i dont wanna get scold on the big day.

What am i supposed to do ?

Can anyone kindly show me a way out of it??
Besides skipping the class.haks.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Only for Ms Winnie ^^

This is specially dedicated to my dearly beloved Winnie =D
who is going to be nineteenth tomorrow.

APPIE BUrFday My dear.

HOpe you love me more and more ^^
Of course i will be loving you more in return.

And you haven't tell me your wishes.
You owe me one for that.=P

Though the suprise today ruined by the waitress,
but still i hope you love the cake we bought for you.

p/s: Don't finish it by your own wei. LoL.

Before i end the craps,
Appie Burfday again my dear and enjoy your burfday yea =D

With lots of love,

Im kinda rely on you.
But you're not here.
not even literally.xP

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Please give a round applause to Mii.
Put your hands together for me first else you dont continue reading this post.


Im totally over somebody now. 
And i celebrated it today ^^

Sang extremely "kau kau" in Greenbox with my dearest buddies.
Who are namely Joanne, Mong, Chee and Ling.
After a long long long missing in action in each other life,
finally we are able to catch up with each other again.

And Thanks to them.
I finally found out im over you TOTALLY over you.

We were be talking about YOu.
All the while, it had been a topic that i tried so hard to ignore.
but today,
i could jz tell them the story as if im telling somebody's else story.

I'd been so happy about it.
and i'd been able to move on.

There's so many more meaningful things to do on the earth.
But thinking of you is definitely not one of it.

I'd gt few things in mind that i wanted to achieve now.

First, im gonna get my damn camera fixed.
Second, Im gonna learn French Soon  very soon.*Perhaps next semester*
Third, Im hope that i may be helping out at a deaf school. *During the sem break*

I still have a long list to go.

I need to become a better me when im turning 19.
And definitely im gonna be BetTer.
So much BETTER =)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weee~!! College again =)

Two weeks holiday just ended like this.
Im so unsatisfied ><
I spent all my time at home.
helping out. watching tv.fb-ing.
Sounds so unproductive wei.

Anyway Im going back to hometown college tomorrow =)
*I typed hometown pulak. I must be missing my cute cousins too much.*
Starting a new semester.
Definitely a tougher semester to go.
i believe i can survived~!!!

Im not gonna give up.
Two more semester and Im done with Dip.
Though there are more to come.
Adv Dip.Degree.AcCa.Master.

Oh my oh my.
Im gonna be stucked with the books for say...10 years? maybe more than that.
may be the rest of my life, im gonna live with books and figures.><
Now i understand how the brain cells dead.LOL.

Ignore  the crap.Haha.
Im just excited to be back to college.
I missed the fun we had.
The jokes and the gossips.=P

Lets have more this sem.

Happy coll-ing People ^^

Thursday, October 1, 2009



却出现一种阻挡 让心慌张

你有我 没有过的向往
怎会在多年以后 变成这样

向牵手走不同的方向 是捆绑
带着了解 微笑和泪光