Thursday, February 10, 2011


A busy life seems more contented that a nothing-to-do life now =.=
Its hard to act that you're busy when you're having nothing on hand to do.

Getting through some EMO days in month lately.
easily get emotional, angry over small matter, crying for small matters,
and for all that,
the pitiful victim will be my lovely puggy mon.

I'm so sorry my babe.

A close friend of mine is facing some relationship problem,
and instead of sharing with us she rather keep it all to herself,
she off her phone, ignore my messages,
we find no ways to contact her which make me rather upset and worried.

and there's a question popped up in my mind,
will we become like that in future?
just disappear in each other life without even say good bye?

I don't wan that to happen,
I'm back to EMO again.

Can't wait for lunch ><

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I hate semester break =(

I can't help being emo when i have to count down for the day to see you again.