Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today was a day out alone.
Had green tea latte while reading novel at Starbucks the Garden.

During lunch time,
babe actually called and we chatted for bout half an hour.

"Oww, that makes my day" =)

After babe got back to work,
i actually shopped around to search for suprise.
And i actually got one ^^

After getting tired,
i went to have my lunch.
My all time favourite --- Sushi King =D
Sometimes I do enjoy being alone.
though im more enjoyable when im with YOu 

Monday, September 20, 2010


Today was a great day out with Hari, Yee Ming and of course Winnie =D

It'd been a long time since i last hanged out for a movie,
ever since my babe went back to his hometown. =(

Watched "going the distance"

The whole story is mainly about
a long distance relationship between a pair of couple,
and how they overcome all the obstacles to be with each other.

How lovely =3

It makes me miss my babe even more.

I seriously missed his smiles and his hugs,
his hair,his smell, his hands,his everything =(

I gotta said its a good movie =D
But its sort of 18XX movie...LOL.
Best thing is...
there's no censored!! xD

After the movie, yee ming came and joined us for lunch.
and BOWL.
after long long time.

We had Manhanttan Fish Market for our lunch.

After lunch,
we headed for bowling =D
Played two games.
Somehow it had been quite sometime not playing bowling 
ever since form five.

My score is kinda at the border line.
Gonna work hard for that =)

Today was awesome =D
Cant wait for the next round.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I must say,
i hate semester break so much.
i'm not looking forward about it anymore 
as it would break us apart.

I wanna be with you every moment.

I wanna stick to you every second.

I wish i could be in your arm by now =(

I miss you so badly~