Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year Two-O-O-NinE

Have been abandoned my blog for a while.

From 2008 till the brand new year of 2009.

Definitely there's tons of ups and downs.

A mixture of laughters and tears.

People come and go without even said BYE .

Somehow,Im glad that i'm still keeping my DeaRs around =D

Thanks for holding me on wherever and whenever i need you guys.

Thanks for the every single hugs and smiles that kept me warmth always.

I know sometimes i had been bad.

Really bad.

Perhaps giving you guys headache.

I tends to think a lot,

Dream a lot,

Emo a lot too.

Thanks for the tolerance,

and the patience you had

to just sit by me and listen to whatever crap im saying.

Im glad to have you guys with me.

This is the brand new 2009.

I will let go all the Bads in 2008

and kept all the Goods with me.

Hoping for joys and cheers in the brand new year.

New quote for the year : LiVe Life CoOL ~!