Saturday, March 6, 2010


Had been abandoned my blog for quite somewhile.

Kinda busy over an event coming up next week.
After next week can enjoy and relax le.

Finally gt to catch up with meryll last friday after so long of me M.I.A,
somehow gt to hear lots of updates from her.=)
Still enjoyed chit-chatting with her.

Babe is back in hometown Malacca now.
Miss him badly. =(

Am rotting at home now,
nothing much to do besides fb-ing and blogging.

not much to update actually.

Bro is getting his result next week.

He is so so so nervous now.
and so do i.
wanted to go back to accompany him to get his result,
but too bad,
im having classes.

i will just pray for him lar =)